Writing is by its nature a lonely business. We spend our time organizing ideas and fighting back self-doubt, so getting feedback from others can be helpful. Unfortunately, friends and family are not good candidates for this. They mean well, but we need help from other writers who understand the creative…

I celebrated 2020 Black History Month each day by looking for changemakers and trailblazers.


William and Ellen Craft, owned by two different slave masters in Macon, Georgia, pulled off one of the most ingenious escapes from slavery to freedom.

At age 16 William was sold to a local bank cashier and because he was a skilled cabinetmaker was allowed to keep working at the same shop where he had apprenticed. …

Students share memories in Guided Autobiography workshop

One day when my oldest daughter was a toddler, she was reflecting on how much she loved her dad. “When I grow up, I’m going to marry Daddy.”

“But he’s already married,” I quickly pointed out.

Disappointed and shocked, she said, “To who?”

“To me!” I blurted too quickly.


Flora M Brown, Ph.D.

Author, life story facilitator, mom, and reformed coffee snob.

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